The Thought Wrangler

Ever find yourself wrangling thoughts, and wondering why things are so difficult?

Do you wonder if there is an easier way of being?

In world that often moves too fast and is flooded with too much… everything, we often find ourselves living in a way that doesn’t match our needs or abilities.

Relationships, careers, and education can cause us overwhelming anxiety and stress, which can lead to depression, lack of motivation, and emotional dysregulation, not to mention a series of therapies and medications that often don’t provide substantial lasting solutions.

It’s not easy living in a world that doesn’t allow for peace or contentment, and often pushes us to want more, do more and have more.

The Thought Wrangler blog addresses how we learn to cope, regulate and manage in this world, while at the same time honoring our individual and unique selves.

Having a desire for contentment, connection and freedom from expectations makes the world a challenging place, but it also opens us up to unprecedented creativity and problem-solving abilities.

My goal as a Thought Wrangler is to provide hope and lead the path to an easier way of navigating this complicated and beautiful life.

So, follow The Thought Wrangler for relatable, real life stories, information and comfort on this journey.




Join me on a path of learning, growth, healing and thriving.

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Yvette Marie Johnson

Yvette Marie Johnson

Join me on a path of learning, growth, healing and thriving.

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